About us

"Our ultimate goal is to provide a low-cost, easy-to-produce, safe to administer, clinically effective and low dose type of antivenom that can be stored and used for community treatment ideally at the point-of-care - a substantial therapeutic advance to reduce the global mortality of venomous snake-bites."

Our research

We will use the innovative ADDomer© platform to design an antivenom virus-like particle (VLP) therapy of unparalleled clinical effectiveness in the treatment of snake bite. Importantly, this new therapy is being developed so it can be stored at room temperature. Rapid treatment can significantly improve a snake bite victim’s chances of survival, this new advance would allow medication to be stored at local sites across the remote farming communities of sub-Saharan Africa where snake bite is most prevalent.

What we do


ADDovenom relies on the synergy between snake biology, toxicology, protein engineering, synthetic biology,biochemistry, expression technologies, mass spectroscopy, biophysics and structural biology, bioinformatics, cell biology and mammalian biology. Interdisciplinarity is the prerequisite for our consortium, and reflects the complexity of the snakebite envenoming problem.


Our international consortium provides the required expertise to make significant multi-disciplinary advances in developing more efficacious, affordable and safer therapeutics for snakebite envenoming. Together we will develop the tools to achieve a paradigm change in the treatment of this neglected tropical disease. 


Our goal is to deliver safe, efficient and affordable antivenoms. We will work with industrialists, clinicians and policy makers to develop state-of-the-art bioprocessing to manufacture ADDomer©-based antivenoms at pharma scale, preparing for future clinical trials and eventual impact. 


ADDovenom synergistically combines unique expertise across a range of techniques and scientific disciplines, towards the objective to develop easy to produce, first-in-class neutralizing superbinders for snakebite therapy.