ADDovenom: Novel Snakebite Therapy Platform of Unparalleled Efficacy, Safety and Affordabillity

About ADDovenom

Snakebites can be life-threatening when venom toxins are injected and enter the bloodstream. In areas where immediate access to specialised medical care is limited, bites by venomous snakes cause many thousands of deaths each year.

The EU-funded ADDovenom Project will use an innovative platform enabling generation of new snakebite treatment, based on a new disruptive protein-based nanoscaffold called ADDomer© – a megadalton- sized, thermostable synthetic virus-like particle with 60 high-affinity binding sites to neutralise and eliminate venom toxins from the bloodstream.

ADDovenom combines pioneering proteomics, transcriptomics and bioinformatics focusing on snake toxins provoking the most challenging syndromes like haemorrhage and paralysis. The aim is to develop first-in-class neutralising superbinders for snakebite therapy of unprecedented efficacy against the most prevalent Sub-Saharan snakes.

ADDomer©: Synthetic multiepitope display scaffold for next generation vaccines.


The project comprises several technological challenges (rational design of new antigens as consensus toxins/epitope strings, design of an ADDobody library) and high-risk
research (in vitro selection of new binders from a novel protein scaffold).

Mass spectrometry
to analyse venoms

Liège -LSTM

In vitro evolution
characterization of
ADDobody binders

UoB - Liège - AMU

Examination of neutralizing ability of selected ADDobodies
and gigabodies


Scalable bioprocess
gigabody production

UoB - Liège

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ADDovenom research features on Innovation Radar

The European Commission’s Innovation Radar has highlighted two achievements of the ADDovenom project as ‘great EU-funded innovations’. The ‘production of recombinant snake venom toxins for research and therapeutic purposes’ has

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ADDovenom poster displayed at ASMS 2023

Prof Loïc Quinton and Dr Fernanda Amorim, ADDovenom researchers from University of Liège, attended the American Society for Mass Spectrometry‘s 71st Annual Conference in Houston, Texas (4-8 June 2023). Fernanda’s

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ADDovenom Spring Meeting 2023

ADDovenom researchers took part in their annual virtual spring meeting on 20 April 2023.  The project team meet every six months (either in person or virtually) to share updates on

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ADDovenom synergistically combines unique expertise across a range of techniques and scientific disciplines, towards the objective to develop easy to produce, first-in-class neutralizing superbinders for snakebite therapy.