ADDovenom attends IST 2022

Members of the ADDovenom team have been highlighting the work of ADDovenom at the 21st World Congress of the International Society on Toxinology (IST) in Abu Dhabi (18-21 October 2022).

Dr Renaud Vincentelli (Aix-Marseille University) gave a ‘flash talk’ during which he spoke about the aims and objectives of ADDovenom, and his poster about the project attracted lots of interest from delegates.

The group from University of Liège also attended the meeting. Dr Loic Quinton chaired the ‘Toxinological Technologies – Venomics’ session, during which he gave a presentation on his research.

Dr Fernanda Amorim presented a poster and gave a talk about the advances in the identification of the snake venom arsenal by proteomics, within the framework of ADDovenom. 

Damien Redureau also participated in the conference, with a virtual poster related to the antivenomics thematics, which will be applied in the ADDovenom project.

The International Society on Toxinology (IST) is the major society of toxinology and its world congress represents an important meeting for sharing updates about new advances in the field, and also for networking.

Dr Renaud Vincentelli, Dr Fernanda Amorim and Dr Loic Quinton pose with Fernanda's poster at IST 2022 in Abu Dhabi
Dr Renaud Vincentelli, Dr Fernanda Amorim and Dr Loic Quinton
Renaud Vincentelli holding a mic while giving his presentation at IST 2022
Fernanda Amorim on stage giving her presentation at IST 2022.
Loic Quinton on stage during his presentation