ADDovenom poster displayed at ASMS 2023

Prof Loïc Quinton and Dr Fernanda Amorim, ADDovenom researchers from University of Liège, attended the American Society for Mass Spectrometry‘s 71st Annual Conference in Houston, Texas (4-8 June 2023).

Fernanda’s poster focused on the ADDovenom Project (‘ADDovenom: mass spectrometry at the heart of the development of a more effective innovative snakebite therapy based on virus-like particles’). The research behind the poster was co-authored by members of the ADDovenom team based at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Loïc gave the oral presentation: ‘Steatoda nobilis female and male: A comparative study including full body MALDi-FT-ICR imaging and deep venom characterization’.

(Pictured: Fernanda and Loïc in front of the ADDovenom poster)

Fernanda Amorim and Loic Quinton stand in front of the ADDovenom poster.