EVENT: Venoms – Drugs and Antidotes

ADDovenom researcher Nick Casewell (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) will be one of the speakers for the Academic Drug Discovery Consortium‘s latest ‘Things You Need To Know’ webinar which takes place on 16 June. 

This event will: “explore the career pathways and research activities of Steve Trim (founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Venomtech Ltd, a UK biotech company set up initially to provide assay ready venom fraction libraries for drug discovery) and Nicholas Casewell. The discussion will cover the development and application of new approaches to develop antivenoms for treating snakebite and also how to use venom and toxin-derived compounds to stimulate novel drug discovery. [They] will further discuss the medical need, business drivers, collaborative initiatives and future opportunities in this developing research area.”

Registration and other details are available here.

Image: Academic Drug Discovery Consortium