First ADDovenom annual meeting kicks off in Bristol

About the meeting (27 – 28th September 2021) :

The ADDovenom partners gathered at the Harbour Hotel in Bristol for their first ever face-to-face meeting since the pandemic. Attendees journeyed into Bristol from all over Europe and the UK, including Liverpool, Marseille, and Liège, with our Portuguese partners at iBET joining virtually.

The meeting, spread over two days in September, was a chance to network and meet new team members, as well as share ideas for research pursuits in snakebite envenoming.

The Project Coordinator, Professor Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel, and Institute leads; Professor Nicholas Casewell, Dr Loïc Quinton, Professor Imre Berger, and Dr Renaud Vincentelli shared their teams’ project developments with one another. 

With so many international attendees subject to covid travel restrictions, it wasn’t definite that the annual gathering would be able to take place in-person. Thankfully, everyone received a negative test result before flying in. And with a few rapid lateral flow tests thrown in for good measure, the meeting commenced on Monday 27th September in the afternoon. 

The meeting was a real opportunity to see the faces behind the project and to showcase developments the team were already achieving in the field of snakebite research.

With only one year of the project complete, and another three to go, everyone is excited for the second annual meeting, which will take place next Autumn in Marseille, France.


ADDovenom group members from University of Bristol, Liège University, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, and Aix-Marseille University