Johara Stringari wins ‘best presentation’ award at SFET conference

ADDovenom researcher Johara Stringari (University of Bristol) won the ‘Best Oral Communication Award’ for her presentation at the 28th Meeting on Toxinology of the French Society of Toxinology (SFET) in Paris.

Johara’s presentation about the ADDovenom project (Snake venom proteins vs ADDobodies: Antigen production for ribosome display) on the second day of the conference followed a talk on the first day by Damien Redureau (Development of an innovative methodology of antivenomics approach, combining the use of magnetic beads and mass spectrometry), who is part of the ADDovenom team at the University of Liège.

There was a lot of interest in ADDovenom, and after her presentation, many of the delegates approached Johara asking additional questions and offering congratulations to the ADDovenom team for the research they are undertaking. 

The event, Toxins: What’s up, Doc?, took place at the Institut Pasteur on 28-29 November 2022. SFET Board member Loïc Quinton, who leads ADDovenom research at the University of Liège, was one of the organisers of the conference, and also co-chaired the second day session on ToxinOmics. 

Johara Stringari with her 'Best Oral Communication Award'
Johara Stringari accepting her certificate
Damien Redureau presenting at the SFET conference.
Damien Redureau presenting at SFET
Attendees at SFET conference pose for group photo.
Attendees of SFET