Somerscience Festival attendees learn about ADDovenom

Members of the ADDovenom team from the University of Bristol participated in Somerscience, a new, family-friendly, science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) festival that took place in the Somerset towns of Castle Cary and Bruton on 1 May 2023.

Over 2,000 visitors attended the event, including families, children, school trips, researchers and the general public.

Sophie Hall, Dakang Shen, Dr Richard Stenner and Dr Johara Stringari provided interactive and hands-on demonstrations at the festival’s Science Fair, showcasing how traditional antivenoms are made and the advancements that the ADDovenom project aims to achieve in snakebite therapy.

The exhibit piqued widespread interest, especially among children, who were enthusiastic to learn about snakes and ways to treat snakebites.

This image includes two photos of the ADDovenom team speaking to members of the public about snakebites at Somerscience